The prime activity of the Technical Applications Laboratory is customer oriented.
  • To work closely with customers on new applications & solutions development.
  • Suggestion of new formulation to customers using a variety of products, promoted & distributed by RishiChem.
  • To demonstrate the effects & applications of various products to customers, “Adding Value” to their products.
  • To bridge the gap between the principals & customers by helping to develop new products & formulations, thereby servicing the industry better.


At our Technical Applications Laboratory (Coatings) we work with our principals and our team to provide customers with “Value Added” solutions.

We undertake evaluation of new raw materials thereby testing quality before supplying.

Our Quality policy which stresses on customer satisfaction drives us to deal with customer complains at our lab.

We also issue guideline formulations to our customers for various products as well as standardize the customer’s formulations to use our products more effectively

Personal Care

Our Technical Applications Laboratory (Personal Care) is our newest addition to our infrastructure based on our experience with our customers’ need for formulations which keep up with the ever changing market trends.

We strive to include the latest technologies in our product line and our TAL-Personal Care works with customers by demonstrating the performance of various products in their formulations their by “Adding Value” to their formulations.